Mobile, AL

Buick Building


This property consists of a ±1.29-acre site that has been improved with an office building that was recently converted from an office warehouse. Improvements include a two-story, masonry building with a brick exterior that totals ±39,015 square feet. Ancillary site improvements include a paved asphalt parking lot with 61 striped spaces, exterior signage, and professional landscaping. The building is divided into four tenant suites, with Unit 1 occupied by RSI and being comprised of ±14,756 square feet of space. Unit 2 has a total of ±8,721 square feet of area and is leased by Wink Engineering, LLC. The remaining Unit 3 is currently a shell space that is listed for lease. Unit 3 has a total of ±7,391 square feet and can be divided into two or more units. Unit 4 is occupied space that is comprised of ±5,978 square feet. The building as a total common area space of ±2,169 square feet, which is comprised of halls, lobbies, restrooms, stairwells, and mechanical rooms.